Speedbag H

Ideal for wrapping and mailing newspapers, magazines, catalogues and wholesale publications, and any commercial printed materials in A4 size in singlepack. Half-automatic, easy to use: the only thing the operator has to do is simply to feed products horizontally onto the infeed conveyor belt that carries them through the wrapping module.

A bag is formed around the product by the adjustable width folding plates. The bag is then sealed and cut according to the product length.

  • Horizontal feeding
  • Automatic cycle controlled by PCB
  • Display with touch sensitive controls
  • Independent sealing-bars; sealing-time and temperature controlled by PCB
  • Pneumatic movement, air-compressor inside
  • Motorized film-unwinding
  • Pneumatic sealing-bar movement driven by internal silent air compressor
  • Automatic product ejection
  • Synchronous lugged motorized infeed conveyor belt on request
  • The machine works with transparent or printed polyethylene

Machine made according to CE rules.

Power supply 230 V – 1 Ph – 50/60 Hz
Power required 2 KW
Overall machine dimensions L x W x H 1150 x 750 x 1100 mm
Machine weight 150 kg
Minimum wrapping size L x W x H 230 x 140 x 1 mm
Maximum wrapping size L x W x H 350 x 210 x 10 mm
Maximum film width 500 mm
Output Up to 1.800 pcs/h
notes: Technical data subject to variations without prior notice
The output depends on the operator and the size of the package

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