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  • Daylight 5000 proGraphic tubes illuminate colours with crystal clarity.                                         
  • Standardized production processes are an important part in the production of printed materials. In order to assure that the same judgement criteria is used at every step of the production process, starting from creation of the image through the production of the finished product, it is essential to have standardised light.
  • To get a valid comparison both the proof and print must be viewed under the identical viewing condition. There is no doubt that the colour perception of the proof changes when viewed under different light intensities and colour temperatures.
  • Daylight 5000 proGraphic tubes are made to the ISO 3664:2009 standard, “Graphic technology and photography – Viewing conditions.” This standard has been the basis for colour evaluation in the graphic arts industry since 1975.

Available in 15 Watt – 438mm, 18 Watt – 590mm, 36 Watt – 1200mm, 58 Watt – 1500mm.


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Daylight 5000 ProGraphic Flourescent Tubes

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