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This ex-showroom model is in as new condition.

  • Manual creasing for large formats
  • 1-4 creases with one setup
  • Precise creases
  • Creases up to 400 g/m² (225 index) carton

The Fastbind C500™ is heavy-duty creaser with new innovations to make large format creasing easy. With the new creasing mechanism, you need even less manual force to make a perfect crease. Regardless of the stock, the handle lifts and creases easily and consistently.

C500™ has several new innovations to ensure steady, accurate placement of your materials. New paper guards help optimize soft cover production. The table surface has been specially machined to ensure smooth, easy movement of the material into the correct position.


Fastbind C500 manual creaser

$1,150.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price
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